Pho Challenge opening night

Hungry Ronin showed up on launch night of the Union Viet Pho challenge and demonstrated just achievable it was.  He even paused to sample our freshly made summer king prawn summer rolls, before demolishing the whole meal in under 42 minutes.  Rumour has it he even went for desserts after leaving Union Viet.  What a legend!
CHAMP: Hungry Ronin
41 minutes 54 seconds
 WINNER: Raphael Hudson
57 minutes 19 seconds 

It is hard to believe, but Raphael washed down his 1500ml of Pho soup with even more water!  Carefully pacing himself and finishing in a very respectable 57 minutes and 19 seconds.  He doesn't look too happy though; I'm sure we will see him back here soon to beat this time.

LOSER: Shahidul Khan
45 minutes 00 seconds 
 Shahidul was a real sport in accompanying Raphael Hudson (WINNER: 23/01/16), but we were not convinced that he was attempting to complete the challenge at all.  He still walked away with a certificate, a 10% off voucher, and his picture on our wall of shame.

LOSER: Andrew Vu
40 minutes 18 seconds 

Andrew, a real pioneer; the first person to take up the Union Viet Pho challenge and the first we have seen to drink the Pho soup with a straw! He was so close to completing the challenge, unfortunately, his unorthodox approach did not help him get on to the wall of fame.

LOSER: Anna Harnden
37 minutes 38 seconds
Cheer up, Anna. Don't forget that you still have delicious Pho to take away.  Nothing can take away the fact that Anna was the first female pho-lympian to take up the Pho challege, here at Union Viet - Even if this also makes her the first female loser.

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